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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) 

Apart from being a Value Investor, our company values our planet and community too.

November 2022 - Tackling Climate-related Risks - Disclosure Statement 

Climate change is more than just global warming. Businesses and companies are also affected by climate change. We need therefore to work together as a global community to tackle climate change and, in particular, as a licensed corporation licensed by the SFC, we shall endeavor to do that by observing the climate-related risks requirements under the Fund Manager Code of Conduct and the relevant requirements and standards set out in the SFC's Circular to licensed corporations.

Investment Management - As value investors, our portfolio managers customarily apply fundamental analysis to their investment targets to assess whether they are suitable for investing and to their existing holdings for monitoring. Climate-related risks are some of the many risks and considerations our portfolio managers take into account ordinarily in their investment process. Despite climate change being a challenge or a threat, it may generate opportunities for investors and the opportunities are twofold: energy conservation within existing infrastructure in developed economies and integration of resource efficiency in new commercial construction in emerging markets. Our portfolio managers will take that into account in their investment management process.

Governance - Within our corporate structure, we plan to tackle climate-related risks at four separate levels and times - investment meetings, climate-change task force meetings, risk meetings and board of directors meetings will be held at designated intervals to discuss climate-related risks and make assessment.

Risk Management - Our risk management team will ensure the implementation of continuous assessment of the potential impact of identified risks related to climate changes on our portfolios. It will monitor and manage these risks on an ongoing basis. It may engage and liaise with external consultants to gain the necessary expertise on tackling climate-related risks.

Disclosure - Starting with this Disclosure Statement, we shall from time to time make appropriate disclosures to our existing and potential clients/ partners on governance, investment management and risk management on our efforts to tackle climate-related risks. It is our obligation to let our stakeholders well informed of our views and measures taken for the latest developments related to climate change and their impact on our company structure, strategy and the portfolios under our management. In case of any material changes, we will update you via our company website in a timely manner.

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December 2014 

We co-hosted two sessions of tea gatherings with the readers of our CIO Vincent in October and November 2014. The surplus of the readers’ gift budget was passed to us and we have donated it to ORBIS after discussion with the reader representatives.  

Since September 2012

We practise 3R - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in our office. We have been a participant of the Verified Emission Reductions program organized by the Eco Association since September 2012. For the six months ended 31 December 2015, we reduced 3,456 kg of greenhouse gas, equivalent to having planted about 88.2 tree seedlings.


June 2009

To show our appreciation of the gifts from our friends, investors and business partners at our grand opening, we made a donation to the Hong Kong Red Cross in June 2009 to extend the blessings further.